Play FlapPig and Earn more Bitcoin

FlapPig is New Game from Bitlanders!

You have a smartphone? You like games? You want to earn more Bitcoin for your bitLanders account? FlapPig is for you!

Here's the story... Foo is a pig. A golden pig. And he can fly. Foo likes digital gold and will do anything to collect as much Bitcoin as he can.
Help Foo in his quest for golden coins! All you earn in the game will be added to the Bitcoin you earn on bitLanders.

All you have to do is connect your bitLanders profile when you first start the game: click on the bitLanders button and enter the log in info you use on bitLanders (email/username and password). If you're not on bitLanders yet, you can also create a new account.

Once connected, click on "Start". The goal is for Foo to collect the Bitcoin coins. Make sure it keeps flying by tapping the screen. Don't let it fall!

Start playing now!

Download the game for IOS:

Download the game for Android:
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