How to Make Money with PipsTycoon

Hi, it is several day I play PipsTycoon. And I can say it is exciting economic and strategic game. First of all, what we can do in this game to gain some profit.
1) We are able to labor daily for other players businesses and obtain income.
Wages started at $1 per day, now are rising to $1.30 because companies wants to hire you. So this is competition. This full wage you will get if your productivity is on 100%. On start you have 10%.

You can check jobs online here (click on image):
PipsTycoon current jobs

You can increase your productivity in three ways as in real word:
  • Increase energy
  • Increase work experience
  • Increase your loyalty
How to increase energy?
You can buy or rent products with low, medium or high quality. Or you can rent company which produces some of these products and sell them on open market to other players. Imagine to be owner of companies which are selling jewelry, cars or houses.

Increasing energy options

NameAdds maximum energy points a dayPrice - 6 is maximum
Detail infoExpire
Food181You can eat 4 times a dayEach day
Wine1002You can drink 1 bottle a dayEach day
Clothes303There is 5 different kinds of clothes and you can rent themIn max 30 days
Cars304You can rent carIn max 90 days
Houses305You can resell or rent carIn max 180 days
Jewelry306The most expensive product is produced from silver, gold and platinum.Never

Each product has different price and expiracy

How to increase work experience?
If you work in same sector/kind of company your working experience is raising 2% per day. And each day is decreasing in sector where you do not work. So the best way to earn more money is work each day in same sector. For example in company producing oil.

How to increase loyalty?
You get it automatically when you play PipsTycoon. It is 0.5 points per month.

If you want to play this game, please registering to this marvelous money game Click Here.

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