How to Make Extra Money with WHAFF 2015

This time will discuss again about WHAFF, due to the latest update of WHAFF applications which experienched a total change both the logo and the interface of the application. WHAFF update began on Juni 2015 with the release of WHAFF version 228. Many menus in the WHAFF application changed and added some future. It is in fact nothing more than to facilitate WHAFF user to earning more money using rewards.

Whaff Rewards 228 and up versions "Discover useful apps and Get Rewarded with  Cash or Gift Cards" and Whaff is the best app to make money.

Perhaps there are some reader who do not know about WHAFF Rewards, is mobile ads that pays its users to download the application provided by the sponsor, and for application developers, WHAFF is one the solution to introduce its application. And for the user is a nice thing to be able to earn mony, get free gitf cards easily just by downloading apps on the WHAFF and get apps for free.

Newest way to make money by using WHAFF

The first is the same thing that you have to download the free WHAFF app from Google Play Store and install it on your Android Phone.

Download WHAFF at Googley Play Store

After you instal your WHAFF in your android phone, please login using your facebook account. Then facebook will ask for verification from you, please click OK.

And once you succesfully log in using your facebook account, you will be prompted to enter the "invitation code", please enter a WHAFF invitation code AT77888, by entering the
AE37612 code you will get a bonus at the beginning of your balance, and if you do not insert the code then will you not get the bonus, so i suggest you to enter this WHAFF invitation code AE37612.

There are several problems that experienced by some new WHAFF usesr, the application force close when opening the application, it could have been caused by your android phone is not qualified or because of other things, my be resolved by restarting your phone and if still oocur force close, please clear the cache and WHAFF data on the android apps setting. For other frequent problems are errors when entering the WHAFF invitation code, if this happens, you must stop, close your WHAFF application, open a few hours later or even the next day when the WHAFF is not impaired or your internet connection is stabile, than login again and enter the WHAFF invitation code


The next step is almost the same as my previews explanation in Whaff Rewards: Earning Money by Downloading Android Apps. Whwn you open WHAFF you will immediately be on the PREMIUM PICKS menu, where you can sownload all the free apps for android, and you can earn money just by running the application in PREMIUM Picks every day. Though premium picks you can earn free dollars every day.


For some menu items such as WHAFF PICKS, OTHER PICKS and LUCKY PICVCKS still the same explanation as the previews explanation about using WHAFF Rewards.


The new features of WHAFF version 208 and up is ATTENDANCE, here you can perform daily attendance and earn rewards every day. This feature of the WHAFF Rewards.


List Menu coupled to the new look of the WHAFF,
LIST MENU is in the top left corner next to the WHAFF Logo. In this menu list mani changes undertaken by the WHAFF.


Any new information about the policies of WHAFF onte Notification Menu.

Rewards History

Here you can find out the history of your income from anywhere, you can check on the task which has entered the free dollars to your WHAFF Balance.

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The payout menu is the new name of the Exchange menu in earlier versions of WHAFF. Here you can make cash out request from your WHAFF Balance. You can withdraw with Gift Cards or with PAYPAL. In the Payout menu there is PAYOUT Request menu where you can request to witdraw your money from your WHAFF. There is also Payout History menu where you can check the status of your request payout if it is still Pending or Complete, because the withdraw process takes 3 working days. And if you witdraw your WHAFF balance with Gift Cards, you can see your Gift Cards redeem code in the menu "Check Gift Codes"

Invite Friends

In this menu you can invite your friends to join and earn free money using the WHAFF like you


Here you can see the total income of the user Ranking WHAFF in the menu Total Rank, and to see the daily rangkings can be seen in menu Today's Rank.

Top Total Rank Today:

1. Bagas Pramudita: $ 6,415.26
2. Arung Taftazani: $ 4,983.80
3. Lucas Oliveira: $ 4,605.91
4. Pangeran Juan: $ 2,809.70
5. Rizky Hidayatullah: $ 2,709.36
6. Wayan Upadana: $ 1,435.71
7. Vinicius COC: $ 1,401.61
8. Hanafi: $ 1,284.51
9. Bibit We Es: $ 1,223.51
10. Adzhim Putra Perdana: $ 1,041.36
11. Ebrehem: $ 946.60
12. Trihadi Nasrul N: $ 930.05
13. Pecinta Whaff: $ 921.58
14. Wahyudi Sulitio: $ 877.44
15. Veronica Yukito: $ 855.51
16. Cleaner Clashof: $ 837.01
17. Fikarz Metamorfoz: $ 739.21
18. Adam Adachi San: $ 733.72
19. Aang Gian: $ 706.85
20. Ikhwan Uciha: $ 703.05
21. Your name.......:$ ....

The 21st rank it could be you or someone else who did not waste the opportunity to make money for free with WHAFF Rewards app. So what are you waiting !!!

How To Use

Here are the instructions to use WHAFF, it"s only available in English and those who do not speak English will of course they will counfuse reading the instructions in this menu.


It is frequently ask and question menu, there are many question an answer about WHAFF app and accompanied with the answer.

Rate Us

Please Rate WHAFF applications and also get the reward just only by rating the app in Gogle Play Store.

Visit Facebook Page

Please like WHAFF facebook page


Here you can set your WHAFF application and if you want to log out in this settings menu

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WHAFF forbids you to use VPN, Proxy, Bluestack, YouWave, or tjr other emulators.
Users a lot of Android Phone with only 1 WHAFF active account
Using multiple accounts in just 1 Android phone

There are so many who do not pay attention on those warning and continue to use a VPN or proxy to generate a lot of dollars quickly, but when they try to withdraw the money the will be rejected by the WHAFF for violating rules.

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