How Make Money with Shared2Earn

You may do not know that your facebook is valuable and can help you earn money from it, but without person to help you to do it.

Our appearance solves this problem exactly. Our page has advertisements and you can get earns by sharing this articles with the ads.

You only need to share articles to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and can share our ad earnings.

It also can be explained that we want to pay you to show our articles to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, do you agree with it?

Just need 2 steps to do it:

1. Sign up to be members.

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2. Click "Share Articles"

Then you can just wait for increasing earnings without any actions.

Make money step : Click "Share Articles", then choose the article to share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+. 

New a proof payment 24 August via Paypal:

Do it now and get the money the easy way !

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8 Komentar untuk "How Make Money with Shared2Earn"

Hello Buddy,

On your experience how many hours will they process payments?. Is it true that the minimum cashout is $2?.

Hope to hear from you.


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minimum cashout is $10......i want to know how to withdraw it..

But why is that there is $2 on the "Choose the amount of withdrawal?. How many hours are their payment processing? Does it takes 1 day to received the payment?. Thanks.

yes it takes 1-2 days payment process

minimum cash out is $2, Click Withdraw on menu

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