How to Get Dollars from Bitgold Affiliate Program

Hallo, on this occasion I will share how to get dollars easily through bitgold affiliate program.

Good news for you this time there are sites buying and selling "gold" online who has held the affiliate program, where everyone we invite to join bitgold, we will get a straight dollar range from $ 5 - up to $ 35 per account, large dollar that we can depend on IP / state registrar.If the registrant / downline you from the United States and Canada or other major countries, then you will get $ 35 directly :)This is a very good program to enable you to earn money easily? I am pleased to join in this program affiliate bitgold.

Then how to apply?
It is very easy, everyone can get all of this, including you.

First, you have to register here 

fill in all the necessary data, in the title, if you do not know what to charge what, skip it.Your destination register there, so that you become my downline,After you fill out all of them, click on the list, after that, you will get a message that your account is still under review and had to wait about 1sampai 2 days.

While waiting for your account at confirmation, Please create an account Bitgold
to receive payment. 

You can register here 

Create your bitgold account by entering your email address and password, then verify the e-mail and phone number (Recommended wear GMail) 

Then, when you've verified your email and phone number, then bitgold account you are ready to use, the second link you register is the primary site bitgold used to buy gold online. when reviewed on account status first registration has been accepted, you can log in 
There, you can deploy your referall link to a friend or on your blogso you can get free dollars from each person who signed up in bitgold with your link and become referall guide bitgold affiate.

Get Paid Quickly, Get Paid in Gold

Get paid on the 1st day of every month for your previous months commissions. Multiple payment options; via check, BitGold, and bank wire.

You need to know, here there are two differences, 
1. The first is the registration link you to become an affiliate in bitgold, after you receive there you get a track id, and affiliate links, which you can use to get dollars to deploy and offer to people to sign up under you by using the link you.

 2. The second registration link is a direct link to bitgold (main website bitgold)

Thus tartikel I share about How to Get Dollars from Affiliate Programs Bitgold. Register today and start to get the current dollar !

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