Tsu Founder Sebastian Sobczak Apparently also The Founder of The BeautifulGoal.Org

www.BeautifulGoal.Org, Golazo Soccer Association 501c3 (dba BeautifulGoal.Org) is a Texas nonprofit corporation carrying a 501 (a) (2) designated public charity status and is tax exempt under federal income tax section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This is tool to raise funds for the Dallas Texans RGV Soccer Club, collegiate scholarships and sponsor underpriv ileged area youth so they can obtain their collegiate athletic goals.

This non-profit public charity has pledged to change the face of American soccer forever by granting millions of previously overlooked Southern US and predominately Hispanic youth access to competitive youth soccer, collegiate and scholarship opportunities and for the first time access to US Soccer and its associated Olympic Development program.

TSU Founder Sebastian Sobczak

Founded by Sebastian Sobczak in 2011, this grassroots effort sets out to both better the infrastructure of economically challenged communities while bringing  millions of underserved youth world-class coaching and infrastructure with the ultimate goal of giving those children life-long athletic skills, participation in US Soccer’s Olympic Development Programs, providing an unmatched vehicle for collegiate placement, providing an avenue for professional soccer careers, all while ultimately increasing our nation's chances of winning it's first men's and another women's FIFA World Cup.

Sebastian Arthur Sobczak
Dallas Texans '77 - founding class; Davidson College - NCAA Division I Program; Columbia University - Ivy League; Urban Legends Soccer Team - Dallas Open 30 North Texas Indoor Champions (2012); North Dallas 40 Soccer Club - North Texas Premier Soccer Association (NTPSA) Open 30 Outdoor Champions (2012)

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