The Content That Was Considered Inappropriate in a Post on Tsū

This is the content that was considered inappropriate in a post on Tsū:
#TSUsers #TSUnami #TSUnation #greek #friends #followers #tsu #Amazing #like #Share like-share-like-share-like-share---------------follower--------------- is a community for authentic engagement. Tsū encourage you to create personal content and use the site to engage with others. It is not a place to get rich quickly or post inappropriate content.
Here are some examples of bad posting:
-  Violating copyright law by posting content belonging to someone else without their permission.
- Spam (e.g., follow me/follow you language, aggressive hashtagging, irrelevant commenting, etc) as a means to gain more followers.
-  Suggesting to other users ways to increase your bank account together.
-  Hate speech or harassment.
-  Posting pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material.

These types of posts can get you banned from the site.

So, if you want a main contributor in social networking tsu, please post the content according to the rules. tsu certainly appreciate your efforts.

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