Latest TSU can now Withdraw via Paypal

Good News for users of social networking TSU, Tsu Now users are able to pay via Paypal. So to make a withdrawal process will be easier and faster than by check. That initially, TSU only accept payment by check. And besides good news for users of the TSU, of course, this is also a good news for those who have not joined to use social networking TSU, as TSU really proven to pay. For all of you who initially did not believe and assume that tsu never pay or deceptive turns out wrong.

If you do not believe, whether TSU really pays!
I will share evidence that TSU is real pay for its users.
This is the evidence if Social Network TSU really pays!

And this is the first time that Indonesian people just getting payments from TSU via Paypal. Her name is I Gede Putu Sudaya, he has received payment recently, just dated March 20, 2015 yesterday.

See Proof Pictures!

How It's been proven right if TSU is really paying and do not cheat! Now it's time for you guys who get payments from TSU. For those of you who do not register, do not want to just be a spectator and please join to use social networking TSU way is to read: How it Works TSU and Keys to Succes on TSU

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