Important Part for Success in Tsū - Grow Your Network

Important part for success in is to have as many as children possible and grow your network to the widest. Phrase “children” refers to people whom got invited by you to the platform. Since its a very new website and only way to join is to to be invited that means everybody  is pretty much someone’s children one way or other. As the website grows its getting harder for users to find someone who has not joined to the platform yet. And the invitations are getting more and more important (to the sender) since there are so many people out there who has invitation and they would want any new member to join the network under their shortcode (invitation).

Networking at TSU point is very important. Your Family Tree is important, having children and grandchildren is wonderful BUT it’s vital that you have the right children in your family tree, if you want to generate more income. So it’s really important that you guide your off-spring in the right direction and not leave them to flounder. 

How to Make Money on tsū?

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