How to Join Tsū with Tsū Application

Join tsū - Social and Payment Network with application on iOS or Android !

How to Join tsū directly from the application?

Step 1 - Download Tsū Application on App Store or Google Play Store
Step 2 - Instal and open application, and select Create Your Account

Step 3 - Join with Tsū Invitation hadiputro

Step 4 - fill out the form completely

Step 5 - Follow the instructions and Click Next

Step 6 - Read notification for Tsū and Close

Step 7 - You will go to the home page Tsū, and start to create content, share with Tsū - Social Network and Payment.

Step 8 - Check your e-mail and open confirmation for your sign up Tsū
Step 9 - Then please login back, start using with Tsū - Social Network create your content, upload picture or your photo, status update and share your content.

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