What to do After Registering in Tsū ?

1. Log in to the Tsū:
Go to the Settings menu, fill in your data, browse Cover Profile Picture and Picture ( now many do not want to be friends if we do not have photos Profile ),  

Set your Privacy Settings especially "Accept Tsῡ peer-to-peer payments" (checkmark).

2. Open Menu Discover Users:
 You can Follow some people who are like, then Follow people who are roughly active in TSU (maximum 1000). Why start looking for friends to add people that you like, limited to a maximum number of friends 5000 (add 50 person limit).

3. Begin to perform activities:
  Share images or content uploaded other people who we think are good (8x maximum share per day) is the source of $$$. Start a status update or upload images, select good that attract others to publish the "share" (maximum of 24x per day) this barn $$$, do this until the limit. Active also to Like and comment (limit of 1000 like per day).

4. Develop Network (Family Tree) you:
This is most important because without developing the "Family Tree" do not dream to get $$$ much, how can invite friends to join your friends at TSU course through your link (your link https://www.tsu.co/ your username) or you can also advertised by way of publishing in groups are Facebook, Twittwr, Google, yahoo, etc.

For more information "Family Tree", Please visit: What is The Family Tree and how does it work?

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