What is tsū (tsū is pronounced ‘Sue’) ?

What is tsū? 

Tsū is "New Social Network" which offers an interesting thing for anyone who registers to their website. Here all your activities will be calculated; like, comment, update your status, upload pictures, video, etc. (no value and paid) for 90% profit is divided into user Tsū. (tsū is pronounced ‘Sue’)

to join or to have an account on the social networking that was created by a small team chaired by "Sebastian Sobczak" New York, the United States is similar to Ello is to wait for an invitation from the party who already have an account, Ts
ū first.

Tsū social media is booming right now, because it promises to pay its members. Why not in just one month time tsū users already 1 million more. While FB takes 10 months, while Twitter took 24 months to produce 1 million users.

According to an alert from Recode (10/21/2014), Tsū also get a fairly sizeable fund is USD 7 million of Sancus Capital Privé. The funds are reportedly used to develop tsū and paying users.

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