Tsū Versus Facebook

Tsū brings social networking platforms as a paid media is a necessity. Because if tsū goes in the first platform promoted by facebook, would have suffered the same fate with myspace.

Why then twitter can enter and compete with facebook? Because twitter, although also not paying users, have a practical side that is not owned by Facebook in terms of dissemination of the comments called chirp (tweets). Path and Instagram also still unacceptable because he prefers the visual (pictures) rather than verbal (written).

Tsū, from the side where else to go in? Want to play on the practical side of the existing interaction Twitter. Want to get in on the completeness of the existing features of Facebook. Want to go with the advanced visual power, there is no Instagram and Path. It seems like all the imperfections have been filled.

Tsū then see a potential gap and even far less recognized by social media users that their presence is actually worth the money for the managers and owners of the social media. Producers of goods and services are willing to invest to advertise on social media because it is very aware that every person who is active in social media is a potential buyer of potential. Modern man claimed more awakened prosuk preference to goods or services are no longer of a large billboard on the street or on television advertising, but most of the internet.

Thus, "Sebastian Sobczak" then presents Tsu with the lure of sharing profits acquired from
Tsū. No half-hearted, Sebastian Sobczak promised to provide 90% of all receipts and will only take 10% to be used to manage Tsū. Smart Sebastian Sobczak, Tsū he presented to combine the advantages of social media that have existed so at TSU feels like there is a taste of his facebook, there is his path, there are Twitter and also Instagramnya. If you do not already have an account Tsū register in here or read more: How Tsū Works and How to Join Tsū ?
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